Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer

Manure Master Mechanical Defoamer


Apply Mechanical Defoamer at pump-out to knock down mechanical manure foam. Improves manure tank or tanker load capacity by up to 33%.

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Application: One gallon of Mechanical Defoamer per 100,000-300,000 gallons of manure and agitate. Can also be mixed into manure tanks.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say:

“This is really an amazing product. When we started using Manure Mechanical Defoamer in the fall of 2018, we loved the results and never turned back. We use it to maximize tank capacity for loads that are hauled a farther distance. For example, this spring we had a 4-mile haul from the pit to the field and were only getting 4800 gallons of manure in a 7300-gallon tank. After stirring in Manure Mechanical Defoamer, our next load had 6200 gallons of manure, and it kept going up from there. Plus, we’ve found it to be effective at only half the recommended rate. This has really made a difference in our operation and I surely recommend it to others.” Dean Wurzer | D&J Pumping

“I’ve used Manure Mechanical Defoamer for two years and think it’s a great product. When I started using it, I quickly saw how well it works, making it well worth the money. Today I buy it in 55-gallon drums and use it in every single pit. It really reduces foam and helps us load tanks quickly. Because of this product, we can utilize the full capacity of the tanks and even cut down on the number of loads. Overall, this product saves time and increases efficiency. I highly recommend Manure Mechanical Defoamer to others hauling manure.” Luke Jaeger | Jaeger Custom Hauling

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Weight 24 lbs
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